Digital Coupon and Advertising Kiosk

Digital Coupons

The DASH MEDIA project allowed us to showcase our incredibly diverse technology skills by allowing us to showcase our mechanical engineering skills by creating the DashBox Digital Kiosk.

The software we created required multiple code stacks in order to communicate with all parts of the software ecosystem which enabled customers to interact with the kiosk and download digital coupons.

The web portal software provided retailers and advertisers the ability to create their own digital coupons via the web portal. The challenge for RITS was to build this system and enable all of the systems to communicate with each component and also record the analytics of the customer interaction with the kiosk. 

Services Delivered

What We Did

Revolutionizing the retail industry.

  • Developed an entirely new logotype for the media and coupon brand
  • Designed and streamlined the visual assets for the Dashbox brand and different business units/services under it: from fonts to colors, image style to illustrations.
  • Consolidated the new identity in a set of clear and easy to use bilingual guidelines.
  • Design brand identity system for multiple markets for the Dashbox brand: business cards, stationary, flyers, banners, videos, editorial & print, brand collateral, apparel.
  • Design, consulted and manufactured the Dashbox interactive 90” display kiosk with dual touch-screen monitors
  • Designed and developed website.
  • Designed and developed backend analytics admin system
  • Designed and developed coupon creation software.
  • Motion design campaign for Dashbox’s promotional advertisement videos.
  • Designed and developed the kiosk’s coupon interface for the Dashbox coupon software.
  • UI/UX and development for mobile application

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