Promoting the Fundamental Rights, Free Enterprise & the Rule of Law 

Global Liberty Alliance

Global Liberty Alliance is committed to combating violations of fundamental rights throughout the world. Founded in 2016, the Global Liberty Alliance (GLA) empowers victims and supports local communities to confront systemic oppression and foster an International awareness of fundamental freedoms and equality before the law. 

Global Liberty Alliance needed their own software that secured documents and contracts and utilized BlockChain technology to ensure all signee participants can be verified and authorized. 

Services Delivered

What We Did

Software Engineering Consultation for BlockChain Documentation System Utilizing BlockChain Technology

Global Liberty Alliance contacted RITS Consulting to create a software system for Document Management based on BlockChain technology. This documentation was to be presented to Global Liberty Alliance Global partners when conducting contractual business.  Global Liberty Alliance needed secure contracts when dealing with International Organization and needed contracts that could be managed and secured signature and version control. 

Software Engineering Block Chain System Documentation

We researched and created four BlockChain Document management options for Global Liberty Alliance. 

  • Proprietary Document Management System utilizing BlockChain Technology.
  • Implementation of the DocFlow system.
  • Implementation of the LTO Network System.

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