Web Development Questionnaire

Web Development Questionnaire

Client Information

What is the primary purpose of your website?
Who is your target audience?
What are the key objectives for your website?

Branding and Design

Do you have a logo?
Do you have existing brand colors and fonts?
What style do you envision for your website?
Do you have any specific imagery or graphics you want to use?
What pages do you need on your website?
Do you need assistance with content creation?
What features do you need on your website?
Do you need any special functionality?
What is your budget range?
Do you have a preferred layout style?
Are there any specific sections or elements you want on the homepage?

SEO and Analytics

Do you have existing SEO strategies?
Do you need help with SEO?
Do you use any analytics tools?
Do you have any specific keywords you want to target?

E-commerce Specific Questions (if applicable)

What type of products are you selling?
Do you need any special e-commerce features?
Do you need a secure checkout process?

Technical Requirements

Do you have a domain name?
Do you have a hosting provider?
Do you need email accounts set up with your domain?
Do you have any specific technical requirements or constraints?

Project Management and Timelines

How do you prefer to communicate during the project?

This comprehensive questionnaire will help us gather all the necessary information to create a detailed and tailored web development plan, ensuring the final website aligns with your vision and business needs.